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Peregrine Guarding

Peregrine Guarding, the security arm of Tenon Group was incorporated in 1995 and is one of the leading security solution providers in India. Today Peregrine is operational in all 29 states of India with 67 offices covering tier 1, 2 and 3 cities. Peregrine provides integrated security solutions in Physical Security, Electronic Security, Risk Assessment Consultancy, Executive Protection, Event Security, and a Remote Command Center.

Peregrine Guarding draws its inspiration from the Peregrine falcon – keen, alert ever-watchful eyes, unshakable talons, powerful protective wings, and pervasive presence.

Embodying the spirit of the Peregrine, Peregrine Guarding shares a vision that looks beyond the immediate horizon. The Company’s eyes watch over the security of its clients without blinking, its outspread wings encircling your premises with a customised protective cover. Anticipating new challenges, it moves swiftly, adapting to the changing environment.

With a client base of over 1900 customers and employee strength of over 42,000, Peregrine has the ability to offer services across the country. An ISO 9001: 2008 and OHSAS certified company which has won several accolades; it has the ability to implement high quality services across the spectrum of strategic and tactical security services.

Peregrine has the desired infrastructure, team of experts, technologically advanced capabilities and the bandwidth to achieve the set milestones. The Peregrine Team has the winning composition of extraordinary capabilities, ideal competencies, and striving talent which results in incredible customer satisfaction. The team stays in touch with the global trends in security services to help clients get the most updated services that meet the finest international standards. Peregrine’s Central Support, located at the corporate Head Office in Gurgaon, India includes leading experts in integrated security services. The team supports the Regional and Local Branch Offices to meet our client’s sector-specific needs.

Peregrine has a very robust recruitment process where the company inducts only the screened and vetted candidates for employment thereby creating and maintaining value into the system. Peregrine’s training process and methodology is as per the Indian Private Security Agency Regulation Act – PSARA. The state of the art training academies and centers of Peregrine caters to the requirement of the skilful and trained security manpower at all levels. Peregrine Guarding has seven Advanced Training Centers across India. Each center is headed by a senior officer, who typically hails from a background in the defense forces.

Peregrine has state of the art command center “Peregrine National Command Centre” (PNCC). The command center is the operational hub for execution of orders and supervisory activity, which enables real-time visibility and management of Peregrine Security operations. PNCC is the nerve center of the company’s security operations.

To further enhance the security service portfolio The Tenon Group launched a new Business Vertical -Soteria. This truly international, state of the art Control and Command Center offering remote surveillance services is the first of its kind in Asia.

Soteria Command Center

SOTERIA provides services that optimizes revenue maximization and cost deduction via business risk mitigation. We are amongst the few companies in Asia to offer advanced high end analytics to our customers based on the Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) platform provided by IBM.

Our 24×7 full service capability extends to serve clients across international borders. Our presence in UK, is reflected with O&G a group company of Tenon Group and one of the better known companies serving local clients. Soteria and O&G are progressing to leverage each other’s key capabilities and provide the most optimum and secure solution to European customers. These services will be aligned to the “Monitoring Operations Process Outsourcing” model and based on global best practices followed by leading companies in similar business. In this arrangement, Soteria will be the analytical partner for O&G and also act as the back-up for O&G’ Clients based out of United Kingdom and across the world.

Soteria has the capability to integrate Analog and Digital (High Definition) Video feed along with other integrated devices like HVAC, Electrical, Mechanical, Transport and Internet based services to the IOC platform and provide Preventive, Proactive services after validating each event / incident using its unique security solution – Risk Elimination And Prevention (REAP). We can transmit the exception capture of the incident to any PDA that can integrate to an electronic device anywhere in the world, delivering end-to-end IP video surveillance and alarm management feed that helps customers mitigate risk at the first instance. The operational effectiveness of the system is optimized by using Geographic Information System based application interfaces with Standard Operating Procedures based responses.

We not only monitor alarms and CCTV; through soft integration of various devices in the client premises we ensure that at the Command Center we get a holistic picture of the entire premises and the various alarms/exceptions generated by all the devices in that premise. Based on the trends of exceptions from a certain site or client, we can then start to forecast failure or exception events that will help in further reducing downtime and thus drastic reduction in operational losses.

SOTERIA offers unparalleled reliability, scalability and manageability of resource and information. It incorporates innovations that provide a holistic approach to decode and analyze all the information and create actionable intelligence. We provide services to manage data repository that are created collaboratively by variety of sources and roll out functionalities based on highest priorities. The reports are generated based on Standard Operating Procedures following actions taken based on incident based alarm, thus optimizing the services and providing a proactive response solution.

We understand it is important to fully prepare and manage your organization’s security. All contingencies are devised and an effective security breach alert procedure is developed.


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